WHAT architecture - London


Scale sqm
Design Year2014

What is WHAT_Solidspace ?

The WHAT_”Solidspace” house extends the principles Roger Zogolovitch’s Solidspace DNA. This means a split level living space whereby working overlooks, eating overlooks, cooking overlooks and living overlooks.


What is Solidspace DNA?

The Solidspace DNA is trademarked design concept which gives our homes more space, more light and more style. It’s how all homes should be built in the 21st century.

Light – we put in large high performance windows to let in lots of light. Our ‘open plan’ design takes out redundant walls and allows light to flood from one space to another.

Space – our homes are designed to utilise every bit of space. By using split-levels, the stairs double up as corridors and creates a double-height void in every one of our homes.