WHAT architecture - London

Renaissance Pavillion

Scale sqm
LocationLeeds, UK
Design Year2012


Concept aims: 1


YORKSHIRE RISETMis Yorkshire’s tallest building! As a beacon rising 100m off the ground, thanks to its 1-tonne lift, it will be taller than the tallest building in Yorkshire (Bridgewater place)…


Concept aims: 2


YORKSHIRE RISETMis an uplifting event. As a flying building it’s erection is a site to behold: more than just an inflatable bouncy castle, YORKSHIRE RISETMis an uplifting, YORKSHIRE RISETMwill be flown into place thanks to a double-winching erection sequence.


Concept aims: 3


YORKSHIRE RISETManimates events in urban squares and landscapes!YORKSHIRE RISETMto the occasion by encapsulating existing statues, trees and fountains as props within its domed space