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Civic Square Redevelopment

Civic Square Redevelopment
Scale sqm
LocationHastings, NZ
Design Year2011

This submission for the Hastings Civic Square Redevelopment competition does not present a definitive architectural or landscape proposition because we believe that the development of the square is best served by programming it with events not buildings. To this end we have designed a mock Consultation Document (WHAT IF...) which could form the basis of a consultation exercise to engage the people of Hastings. WHAT IF... tries to stimulate public thinking about the principle space of the city to garner social ownership and coax shoppers to the cultural centre. In doing so, we ask the public to help design the Civic Square.


You too are an Architect.


So what kinds of events could happen? It is important to take advantage of existing regional events and bring them to town! Some events such as wine tours, music festivals, cycling events exist within the Hawkes Bay. Some events we can find abroad which could readily be integrated such as the public karaoke at Mauerpark in Berlin. These events would need to be tested through the consultation. Perhaps a few events could be trialled first? ‘WHAT IF the square was used for Dog Shows? WHAT IF... we changed the name of Civic Square into something more meaningful, something less generic? We could hold an event such as a public competition to find better names.


Public consultation ought to occur before design not after it. This would seem like a more accountable method of public purse expenditure.