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Ellebo Housing

Sustainable architecture and landscape
Scale20000 sqm
LocationEllebo Denmark
ClientKĂžbenhavns Almindelige Boligselskab
Budget€ 16000000
Design Year2014

The Ellebo housing estate in Ballerup is located 15 kilometres northwest of Copenhagen. The estate is typical of the 1960s, with buildings surrounded by grounds featuring playgrounds, playing fields and green recreational areas. Parking spaces are located in the perimeter of the estate and on the grounds. There is a communal room for residents in a separate building in the south-eastern corner of the site. The existing buildings are characterised by damage typical of buildings of that time: damage to built-up roofs, windows, installations, etc. Additional insulation was installed in 1992, but the estate is currently run down and in great need of renovation. One purpose of such renovation should be to ensure a good indoor climate in housing units while at the same time minimising energy consumption; another should be to make the estate adaptable to future needs and demands. The developer sought a proposal that would:reconfigure the existing 284 flats so as to reduce the number to fewer yet bigger flats

  • add 5,000sqm of additional penthouses
  • retrofit the existing building so as to improve sustainability (socially, financially, environmentally)
  • improve accessibility for those disabled
  • enhance the architectural appearance of the existing social housing blocks
  • improve the outdoor areas