WHAT architecture - London


Office leisure
Scale8300 sqm
Budget€ 7000000
Design Year2013

The Climbing Building is part rock, part architecture. Young and old can scale, ascend, absail, traverse, claw, move and climb all over The Climbing Building. In the middle of the building is the Rock Garden, a green coutyard that provides fresh air, ligt and views to the surrounding offices. The Climbing Building is set within a man-made landscape: Bouldergaria - the largest artificial boulder park in the world!


The Climbing Building has been organised as a compact climbing cube. From the entry one progresses into a central greenspace, the Rock Garden, which also functions as the principle circulation space. Here stairs pass up between trees, lifts offer crack climbing views and office galleries wrap around the garden. Whilst the rooftop bar offers a privileged vista to Vitosha, the building programmes have been strategically interlocked so that climbing walls or the Rock Garden always remain visible.