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Hangar Facilities

wide bodied nose-in single bay aircraft maintenance facility
Scale12000 sqm
LocationCardiff International Airport and Auckland International Airport
ClientWelsh Assembly Government, Air New Zealand
Budget€ 20000000
Design Year2013

This feasibility study has been carried out to investigate the provision of an Aircraft Maintenance Facility and the associated infrastructure requirements at Cardiff Airport. The proposed scheme is based on providing maximum flexibility for the current and future wide bodied aircraft whilst optimising the building form and construction to bring efficiencies in both the build costs and the future running costs. The proposed location is adjacent to the existing British Airways Maintenance facility at Rhoose and preliminary discussions have taken place with British Airways regarding the land available and the interface requirements. This initial study shows that there is sufficient space and existing infrastructure to support the proposal which is based upon the most efficient compact form. A compact facility was seen as desirable due to it minimising environmental impact and thereby facilitating planning permissions. A compact hangar would also reduce the heating and light running costs to the interior volume. The strategy is now being applied to an aircraft maintenance facility at Auckland International Airport.