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Diamond Pavilion

Portable Event Space for the Winchester District
Scale100 sqm
ClientWinchester City Council
Budget€ 30000
Design Year2013

This is a Diamond Pavilion to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee!

The Diamond Pavilion is based upon the five Cs' inherent to a diamond.

1. Cut

The Diamond PavilionTM embraces the legacy of Queen Elizabeth 2's

diamond jubilee year through its unique, cut diamond form. It is the crown

jewel that enhances a sense of both place and occasion in

Winchester's events calendar.

2: Clarity

The Diamond PavilionTM sits comfortably within the historic fabric of

Winchester. The facetted transparency of the pavilion reflects yet also permits

views through to the city's heritage.

3: Captures

The form of the Diamond PavilionTM form captures existing monuments,

statues, trees, park benches and fountains as if they were theatrical props.

Like Winchester cathedral, it sits on a timber base.

4: Change

The Diamond PavilionTM is a responsive space that can change to according

to the event: it can change from open to close, can change in colour, can

change in location: the Winchester hat fair, the Grange

Park Opera, the film festival.

5: Construction

The Diamond PavilionTM is an inflatable structure that is quick to (under 60

minutes) and its compact volume means it is easy to relocate.