WHAT architecture - London

Peabody Housing

Scale sqm
Design Year2014

The proposal utilises the square configuration of the site to yield a square plan layout of four corner flats, all with dual aspect views. At the centre of the structure is a naturally lit staircase. The innovation of the proposal lies in the staggered section: the entry to each flat is individually stepped upon quarter landings to give a sense of uniqueness and identity.
The first flat is a fully accessible wheelchair user flat. It is strategically located at street level and it is close to the proposed building entrance. The layout and configuration of all residential units have been developed in compliance with Lifetime Home standards. A high level of privacy is maintain throughout the remaining units through ‘stepped elevation’ from the ground. The second flat is 750mm from the ground so that the bottom of the window is sill 1750mm above ground and beyond eye level.
All units have a private recessed balcony, which provides for wet weather usage. The ground floor (wheelchair accessible) unit has direct access to a semi-private landscape area / garden. The undercroft area in the south-west corner of the building contains 16 safe and secure cycle parking spaces and a waste storage area, both accessible by a ramp. The undercroft area in the north-west corner of the building is well lit and secured and offers a social space for a use that can be determined through public consultation.