WHAT architecture - London

Merz Barn

Scale250 sqm
LocationElterwater, Lake District, UK
ClientLittoral Arts Trust
Design Year2014

Vision WHAT_Architecture suggests a “humble” yet ambitious building : humble in scale, and yet ambitious in its vocation to become firmly embedded in the landscape. We propose to build this new structure adjacent to the rear of the Merz Barn building. It shall be designed as a sunken semi-ellipse overlooking the Merz Barn through an open-air space, as a way of accentuating the visual connection between both buildings. This one storey building will contain a gallery space, a workshop and accommodations for up to 16 guests. It will also have a big multi-functional yard where future architecture commission programmes can be displayed. This new building will be camouflaged within the surrounding landscape by the use natural raw materials (such as logs, vernacular stones, gravel, timber, trees...), thus adopting a very Schwitters’ style.