WHAT architecture - London


One Bed Hotel
Scale40 sqm
LocationHoxton London
Clientblablablarchitecture LLP
Budget€ 25000
Densityone room hotel
Design Year2016

This project takes the worst possible site imaginable - that is a dingy laundrette in an East London lock-up and transforms it into an overnight wonderland! Welcome to Hoetel Laundrette. This is so boutique that it has just one room and so exclusive that it has no windows! The most perfect conditions of maximal privacy and creature comforts all within minutes of London's best enthralling nightime entertainment zone. Besides the room with a view is both over-rated and over-priced when all you want to do after late-night partying is to merely crash out, watch a movie, go on-line... Or merely fall asleep in the hot tub.