WHAT architecture - London

Pacific Opera Hut

Temporary Opera Hut
Scale40 sqm
LocationBattersea Park
ClientGafa Arts Collective
Budget€ 6000
Design Year2016

The 'PACIFIC OPERA HUT' is a reimagining of the Polynesian primitive hut, a relocatable architectural flat-pack in a South Pacific style. Designed by WHAT_architecture for GAFA Samoa, the 'PACIFIC OPERA HUT' is a unique blend of two grass huts: the traditional closed gabled Maori 'whare' (pron. 'far-ray') has been duplicated and rotated to create the open domed Samoan 'fale' (pron. 'far-lay'). The Polynesian primitive hut has undergone digital transformation.


"Tapa" Tarpaulin": the roof to the 'Whare fale' is covered by a recycled truck tarpaulin painted by the public to resemble a giant tapa cloth.