WHAT architecture - London

Altenpflegeheim Löbnitz

Scale600 sqm
LocationLoebnitz, DE
ClientSeniorenpflege und Wohnen Delitzsch GmbH
Design Year2004

An existing castle in Löbnitz (in the former East Germany) required converting and extending into an Old Persons Home. WHAT_architecture investigated a number of configurations to link the castle with a new-build including two-wing and courtyard configurations over one, two and three levels. These were then presented to the client as easy-to-comprehend organograms. The synthesis of this process concluded with a ‘beam’ organisation whereby disadvantages of long circulatory routes were more than compensated thanks to landscape and recreational promenades (skywalks in the forest and lawn bowls on the roof). Each of the three floors had a common room as focal point and each was imbued with a specific identity: on the ground was a garden-room that led into a flowered landscape; on the middle floor there was a pond room where one could fish from; whereas the top-floor community had a sky-conservatory offering views to the adjacent forest and landscape beyond.