WHAT architecture - London

House Remixed

domestic refurbishment
Scale100 sqm
LocationSouth - London
ClientWendy Douglas - Crighton Bone DP
Design Year2000

A domestic refurbishment for a contemporary couple (she radio DJ, he cinematographer) is economically concentrated and conceptually formalised as two small inexpensive architectural elements. The first element – BATHROOM WALL - reorganises the bathroom into an occupiable ablutions wall of varying thickness that ‘tidies away’ the shower, WC, basin, linen. The second element, - LOFT TENT - whilst also small has large city-scale ambitions. The limited headroom available to a gabled loft is seen not as a negative but positive quality as it renders the space with a tent quality. Why spend hours negating London for that country retreat when you can camp in your own house! Standing is only possible if one pops their head through the Velux.