WHAT architecture - London

The Feng Shui House

refurbishment to single family dwelling
Scale200 sqm
LocationLondon, UK
ClientFeng Shui Doctor
Budget€ 100000
Design Year2006

Modernism meets mysticism and it's all back to his place. Where there's a refurbishment of a mid-terrace property according to Feng Shui design principles going on. Paul Derby's 'Fifty Shades of Feng Shui' means that each time he performs a feng shui consultation, he makes himself sensitive to and openly aware of: "Space, Plants, Furnishings, Pathways, Vertical lines, Colour, Piccys, Heat, Windows, Horizontal lines, Light, Stairs, Cold, Office, Ley lines, black streams, Rooms, Ergonomics, Clutter--Beds, Resonances, vibrations, Front, Sharp lines, Dining table, People, On display, Garden, Water, Kiitchen sink, Storage, Hidden away, Corners, Bathrooms, Cooker, Music Hall, Doors, Toilets, Room plans, Noise, Landing, Environs, Fires, Spare room Activity, Passageways, Shapes, Electrics, Garage, Rest, Energy, people flow..."